Diamond Telesto Tilsam – Stilbe


Necklace with raw tourmaline and diamonds.

Gem type: Tourmaline
Gem Size: 26 mm x 14 mm
Gem Weight: 37 car
Gold Karat: 5,18 g (14 k)
Diamonds Weight: 0,17 car
Number of diamonds: 28
Chain: gold (14 k), 45cm
Gem country of origin:  Pakistan

*Because of the technique and conditions of taking pictures, the actual appearance of the product, including color, may differ from the one presented in the picture.

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Tilsam – an object with a magical action attributed to it, intended to bring its possessor good luck or protect from misfortune.

Tourmaline is a gem, that attracts love, friendship and gentle treatment from others to the wearer. It facilitates good relationships with people and successful emotional relationships. Tourmaline harmonizes and calms. It is a sensational gem for hysterics and people prone to drama, as well as “suffering addicts”. Tourmaline restores a natural, subdued flow of energy with a strong and grounded connection to the heart chakra – calming and directing attention to what is important and what can be done.

You can learn more about the gem’s properties in the Lithotherapysection.

Tilsam is a registered industrial design, protected by the European Union law.

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