The word “lithotherapy” * comes from the Greek “lithos” (stone) and “therapeia” (healing) and means “stone healing”. It is an alternative and unconventional medicine that aims to use the energy contained in stones and minerals to improve our daily well-being.

Healing properties were attributed to crystals and minerals already thousands of years ago: in ancient Egypt, in Indian texts of ayurveda or in early treatises of traditional Chinese medicine. The Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, many Asian peoples, as well as Native Americans, studied the science of minerals, always with the same goal: to improve our physical, mental and spiritual existence.

Eastern mysticism recognizes that each stone has not only a soul but also a memory of its creation, extending far beyond human history.

Furthermore, minerals and stones have the ability to collect, store and emit energy. Studies have shown that when placed around the head, they were even able to alter the recording of the encephalogram. This shows the power of the energy field within them.

For Eastern medicine, the psyche and soul are an inseparable unity, and health is nothing but the free flow of energy in the human body. When there is a lack of energy in the body, its excess, or blockage – then the body becomes ill. For hundreds of years, alternative medicine has used stones to restore the right energy balance.


* Special attention should be paid to the fact that lithotherapy is an unconventional and alternative medicine, which in no way replaces conventional medicine and cannot be treated as such. It is not aimed at treating specific diseases, but only at revitalizing our body, within the limits specified by it.


What connects humans to gemstones?


The same bio-elements that make up chemical compounds are found in both gemstones and the human body. Science confirms that our cell salts, fatty tissue, lymph, blood, nervous system have a structure similar to a crystal. Both man and stone are physical forms of vibration and energy. When you hold a gem in your hand, you hold a certain frequency compacted into matter, which reacts with you. This action can ultimately help you harmonize and bring your body back into balance.

Lithotherapy specialists claim that gems should be chosen intuitively – the ones we like are the ones we need at a given moment.

Check the energetic properties of our gems and choose the one that best resonates with you. Let your Tilsam give you exactly what you need.

Don’t believe in the energy of gems?
No worries. Even if you don’t believbe it – it still works 😉

Be the Energy you want to attract.

Golden Scapolite – Mitra Tilsam

Scapolites are jewels of self-discipline.

They will be suitable for those who are learning, interested in novelties, want to know the surrounding world and its mysteries. It is the stone of successful people in both material and spiritual spheres. It develops intuition and foresight and is a good protector against negative influences coming from the environment. These golden gems, in which nature has enclosed the radiance of the sun, help you achieve success and your goals.

Scapolite physically:

  • relieves headaches,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • helps speed up wound healing and stop inflammation,
  • improves vision, can be used for glaucoma and cataracts,
  • supports convalescence,
  • helps with arthritis,
  • relieves Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • accelerates the healing of infections
  • has a soothing effect in irritable bowel syndrome

Scapolite spiritually:

  • helps fill energetic gaps and revitalize them,
  • facilitates tuning or retuning, before or after traumatic experiences,
  • helps to develop emotionally and mentally

Aquamarine – Kirke Tilsam

Aquamarine is called the gem of courage

It gives courage to people who are shy, reserved and not very assertive. It is a gem that strongly affects the center of communication and interpersonal relationships. It helps one to open up, to say what one thinks without remorse.

The energy of Aquamarine helps in the smooth expression of thoughts and feelings, which has a great impact on contact with the environment and building lasting relationships with other people. In some people Aquamarine can increase self-reflection, and in others it can stimulate spontaneity. Aquamarine is an excellent gem for people overwhelmed by responsibility and stress, and those who work in positions where new knowledge and assimilation of new information is constantly required.

Aquamarine helps bring to completion any unfinished business, tasks or projects. Its color resembles the turquoise of the ocean, which cleanses from bad energy, calms and harmonizes energy imbalances.

Aquamarine physically:

  • Used to relieve runny nose, allergic watery eyes and skin allergies,
  • counteracts infections and inflammation, and increases the body’s resistance to infection,
  • relieves neurological and respiratory ailments,
  • protects against rheumatism and neck pain,
  • relieves headaches,
  • prevents coronary heart diseases
  • harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid glands, regulating hormonal balance
  • it is good for teeth and gums,
  • can help fight herpes,
  • relieves symptoms of eczema, hives, rosacea and psoriasis,

Aquamarine Spiritually:

  • cleanses emotionally and opens to communication,
  • helps us balance excessive anger or fear,
  • gives us courage and self-confidence,
  • helps us find the meaning of life,
  • teaches assertiveness.

Imperial Topaz – AlkioneTilsam

A gem that strengthens love and friendship

Imperial Topaz is a gem that strengthens friendship and love. It is ideal for people who are too emotional about all issues in life. Golden topaz helps physically and mentally to adjust to new circumstances more easily. It is a gem of joy, courage and faith in pursuing dreams. A talisman of wealth and fulfillment. In ancient Rome, wearing a topaz amulet was thought to prevent chest disease and abdominal pain. Framed in gold and worn around the neck, topaz was said to ward off every evil omen while providing peace of mind and falcon eyesight.

Imperial topaz acts as a “power pack” for batteries. It brings peace, optimism and a work-life balance. It also impacts self-esteem, helps you find the right direction, and supports career advancement. This magical sunset-like stone is a gem of wealth and fulfillment.

Imperial Topaz Physically:

  • counteracts states of exhaustion and depression,
  • delays the aging process and promotes longevity,
  • relieves headaches and epilepsy attacks,
  • relieves asthma, digestive and liver diseases,
  • helps with high blood pressure and sleeping problems,
  • regulates blood flow, benefits the kidneys, liver and lungs.
  • Its bright shine invigorates the body and is also used in weight loss

Imperial Topaz spiritually:

  • supports the treatment of depression,
  • wards off anxiety and supports the treatment of psychosomatic people,
  • brings peace and harmony into life,
  • helps to break free from addictions

Tourmaline – TelestoTilsam

The gem of love, friendship and good treatment

Tourmaline is a gem that attracts the wearer love, friendship and gentle treatment by others. It facilitates good relationships with people and successful emotional relationships. Tourmaline harmonizes and calms. It is a sensational stone for hysterics and people prone to drama, as well as those addicted to suffering.

Tourmaline restores a natural, subdued flow of energy with a strong and grounded connection to the heart chakra – calming and directing attention to what is important. When wearing tourmaline, a person calms down and goes more deeply into themselves. The colors in tourmaline have a calming and soothing effect on us, and the images they contain calm us down and connect us with nature. It is a gem of peace and self-reflection.

Tourmaline Physically:

  • calms overactive emotions, relieves stress and removes tension,
  • has the ability to lower fevers and relieve burns and respiratory ailments,
  • helpful for colds and dizziness.

Tourmaline Spiritually:

  • works with the heart chakra, clearing and removing blockages,
  • attracts love,
  • harmonizes masculine and feminine energy.
  • removes energy imbalance and guilt caused by conflicts
  • protects from negative energy and teaches patience,
  • protects from jealousy, selfishness and distrust.

Hekimer Diamond Tilsam

Crystal “microeletrovnia”

This is a very rare mineral that looks like one of the most precious gemstones in the world – diamond. However, it is a perfectly pure and extremely rare variety of rock crystal with a strong luster. It is found only in Lake George, in Herkimer County, New York.

The potential of Herkimer diamonds far exceeds that of ordinary crystals. It is a crystal “mini-electricity” that is able to significantly increase the energy level of its owner. The effect of such an impact is not only a faster spiritual development, but also the removal of energy blocks in the body. It reveals talents that we did not expect from ourselves. Inside the Herkimer diamond, nature has enclosed icy landscapes that fill us with pure and extremely powerful energy.

Herkimer physically:

  • releases the body from emotional tension and stress,
  • accelerates the body’s regenerative processes,
  • increases the body’s resistance against viruses and infections,
  • harmonizes the work of the two cerebral hemispheres,
  • enables faster healing of surgical wounds and minimizes the possibility of scarring,
  • supports the treatment of joint and spine disorders, effectively eliminating pain,
  • placed directly on the body at the site of the ailment helps in detoxification.

Herkimer spiritually:

  • increases energy levels,
  • removes energy blockages in the human body.
  • cleanses the aura and chakras,
  • uncovers deeply hidden talents,
  • deepens intuition and increases dream awareness,

Moonstone Tilsam

Femine energy gemstone

Legend has it that being close to a person, the Moonstone is able to illuminate his path with its radiance and lead him out of the darkness, towards the light .

Moonstone became known as the “Traveler’s Stone” because travelers believed that Moonstone would protect them and help illuminate and show them the way. However, Moonstone is not only a sign of good fortune for travelers – it is believed to be a stone of good luck for all. Its radiance has led to legends saying that Moonstone can reveal a person’s destiny.

The stone’s energy, through the influence of the phases of the moon, is able to merge with the inner Goddess, or sensual feminine energy. Thanks to this connection, wearing this stone we become more desirable, feminine and sensual.

The Moonstone, in itself, has an extremely high vibration. Working with this crystal and its high frequency allows you to reach a higher state of consciousness, helping you discover the path of your destiny.

Physical properties of the Moonstone:

  • It has a calming effect,
  • Increases fertility
  • Increases lactation
  • Provides peaceful sleep
  • Clears lymph nodes and eliminates swelling
  • Regulates hormones during puberty, menopause and menstrual problems
  • Helps with thyroid problems
  • Alleviates migraines
  • Positively influences bowel function and skin appearance

Moonstone – spiritual impact:

  • Helps to read someone’s evil intentions
  • Recommended for meditation and dream analysis
  • Enhances sensitivity and sensibility
  • Helps fight fears and phobias
  • Supports creativity
  • Enhances inner peace
  • Enhances desire

Ruby – Amaltea Tilsam

Stone of life”– called “a drop of blood from the heart of Mother Earth”.

The power of ruby is very intense, as is its color – it is not without reason that red ruby is associated with love. The Greeks and Romans dedicated it to their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. He was considered the king of gems, and Queen Cleopatra herself was a great lover of rubies.

Ruby is an ideal stone for sad people, deprived of vitality, as well as those who need an injection of positive energy – it fantastically fills gaps in the energy field. That’s why it works well for tired people, it stimulates us to act and makes us want to live and fight for ourselves.

Interesting beliefs about the ruby appear in the Middle Ages – rubies were worn by the Crusaders during their expeditions to the Holy Land, because they believed that they protected against poisons, wounds and hemorrhages. Echoes of these beliefs have survived to this day, ruby is associated with blood and heart. In lithotherapy, its main power is based on strengthening the heart and purifying the blood.

Ruby physically:

  • protects the heart and circulatory system
  • improves the functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands
  • protects against poisoning and infections
  • helps lower cholesterol levels
  • restores energy and vitality
  • improves eyesight
  • relieves tension, cramps and painful periods
  • cures fever
  • protects against seasickness

Ruby spiritually:

  • brings joy of life and enthusiasm
  • develops self-confidence and perseverance
  • regulates hyperactivity
  • stimulates creativity
  • strengthens passions
  • prevents jealousy
  • strengthens willpower and courage
  • drives away nightmares and promotes positive dreams

Emerald – Asteria Tilsam

The emerald is a stone of eternal youth.

It is also a secret knowledge stone. Legends say that the Grail was carved from an emerald stone plucked from the forehead of the Archangel Lucifer by St. Michael, when the first opposed God. The emerald fell to the ground and was given to the Queen of Sheba by Solomon, who found it. Much later it was carved in the shape of a chalice and was kept by Nicomedes, then Joseph of Arimathea, and later Jesus Christ (who used the emerald chalice at the Last Supper). Since then, it has been known as the Holy Grail.

Emerald is a stone of harmony. It favors friendships, develops honesty and understanding. It brings inner peace and soothes excessive desires. It encourages kindness and openness to others, and also contributes to the resolution of long-term conflicts.

Physically emerald:

  • helps strengthen the immune system
  • plays a significant role in the treatment of viral infections such as influenza or angina
  • its soothing effect on the digestive system is also noted
  • can help cleanse the liver and pancreas
  • the strength of this stone is additionally noted for vision disorders such as cataracts
  • helps protect joints and spine
  • has a beneficial effect on heart problems

Spirit emerald:

  • helps people with claustrophobic disorders
  • supports concentration
  • repels negative waves and bad influences
  • increases patience
  • worn near the fourth heart chakra, it soothes emotions
  • is a catalyst for balance and well-being, helping you find inner peace
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