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A tribute to the past

“Whatever you may be the ultimate grandmaster at, rest assured that the Elves did it better thousands of years ago.”

Tilsam jewelry is a tribute to the past, to the times when machines did not exist and jewelry was forged in the forest by Elves. In the texture of our gold, in the asymmetry of our designs and in the art of framing, in contrast to the current art of jewelry, we pay tribute to those distant times. Every recess, every unevenness, the dullness of our gold is the legacy of many years of jewelry art created without the use of machines, but only with hands, magic and heart.

It’s better to be unique than perfect

A collection of raw, uncut gemstones.

Nature does not need to be improved – it is the most perfect artist and designer. That is why each of our stones in the Raw Gems collection is set exactly in the form in which Mother Nature created it. It is the stone that sets the setting, it is the stone that determines where its back or side will be. We look at each stone and make a decision. Although we often have the impression that this decision was made by Mother Nature a long time ago and that when creating the stone, she decided how it would be framed a long time ago.
Because every raw stone always has a front and a back, a top and a bottom, and basically – we never have any doubts about how to frame it. As if he was created that way. Not to polish it, but to leave it exactly as it was created by the best designer. One that no one can compare to. And the smartest thing you can do in this situation is to simply not disturb her.

We believe that every gem deserves special treatment. Exactly like the person who will wear it. Tilsam gems have different colors and shapes. They also have their flaws (inclusions) that make them unique. Because our imperfections make us unique.
And uniqueness is better than perfection.

Awaken with Tilsam

Spiritual awakening is the moment when you realize that you are not the roles or labels that your mind has created about you. Until you realize this – your spirit literally remains dormant – unaware of itself and its power.

The world of Tilsam is a magical world where you wake up as the best version of yourself. Each of our projects is a symbol of your spiritual path that you have already walked or are currently walking. Our Tilsams symbolize the change you have made or want to make. They are a portal connecting the real world with the magical world.

This magical world is our interior, who we are and what progress we want to make in our lives. This Magic is the path that leads us through life and it is the path of looking for Magic within ourselves. By listening to the voice of our intuition, by paying attention to the beauty of the world around us, by seeing ourselves in the eyes of others. Those who love us and for whom we are magical.

Because Magic has been with you since childhood and is just waiting for you to let it speak. It’s in the people you meet is in the world around you, if you just stop for a moment and look around. But above all, it is within you if you allow yourself to be yourself and create your life with courage – just like Alice in Wonderland.

Because Magic is what you have to create for yourself.
And our jewelry will help you with this.

Signature Rhodium Touch *

Rhodium is currently the most expensive and rarest precious metal in the world.
In our projects, we mix yellow gold with Rhodium.
The name of this element comes from the Latin word rhodon – Rose.

Rhodium is a precious metal discovered in 1803. in South American platinum ore by William Hyde Wollaston.

Rhodium is an extraordinary precious metal – it not only illuminates our diamonds beautifully, but also effectively protects them. Covering gold with a layer of rhodium increases its hardness, enhances its shine, and also makes it resistant to atmospheric and corrosive factors.
The combination of yellow gold and rhodium can only be found here – it’s Tilsam’s magic trick.

* is a registered design protected by European Union law


Jewelry is our favorite form of art

Tilsam is not only jewelry, but also a form of art, enclosed in small gold talismans that we can always have with us.

The future of the past

We create unique and unique designs for which we import unique stones from all over the world. Each one is different, each one is unique. Choose yours and enjoy your Tilsam talisman. And remember that sometimes you choose the Talisman, and sometimes the Talisman chooses you.

Trust your intuition!



Chief Designer

Karolina Richter makes Tilsam ecological and socially responsible jewelry brand with unique patterns, inspired by her passion and love for Nature and art and the will to work with ourselves and become a better version of ourselves. Each project has a personal meaning for her and is often a symbol of the path she has traveled, and each gemstone is personally selected by her, in accordance with intuition and with respect for the originality of the form, shape and color of each stone.

Tilsam was born out of love for the Magic that surrounds us and which we will find if we only learn to notice it. This Magic is waiting for us until we sharpen our senses. We find it in nature, in other people, and also in ourselves. Because Magic is within us, but sometimes it’s hard for us to break it out of the shell. That’s why Tilsam is supposed to be a tool that will help us find Magic.
Believing in the power of positive energy and the will for positive changes, we try to pass it on in our creations, so as to make jewelry not only a decoration, but above all a talisman that has greater meaning for its owner, reminding him of who he is and what he wants, what path he took in finding himself and what gives him happiness.

“I believe in the power of becoming a better person. This is what drives me and what gives me the strength to live. I also believe in the Magic that is in each of us. I had been looking for her all my life, I dreamed that something magical would happen to me. He sat in closets to go to Narnia, we turn back the clocks to go back in time. For a long time I couldn’t understand why none of these things happened. Only as an adult did I understand that I had always had this Magic inside me and that I was looking for it outside unnecessarily. Today I know that there is something Magical in each of us, we just have to find it in ourselves. I would like the world of Tilsam to help all women open up to their beautiful, inner Magic. ”


Karolina Richter completed a certified Gemology course.


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