“A person in a dream thinks that he will feel better if someone else changes.”
-Anthony de Mello “Awareness”


Spiritual awakening is the moment when you realize that you are not the roles or labels that your mind has created about you. Until you realize this, your spirit literally remains dormant – unaware of itself and its power.

The world of Tilsam is a magical world where you wake up as the best version of yourself. Each of our projects is a symbol of your spiritual path that you have already walked or are currently walking. Our Tilsams symbolize the change you have made or want to make. They are a portal connecting the real world with the magical world.

This magical world is our interior, who we are and what progress we want to make in our lives. We want to inspire you to connect with yourself and find the Magic within yourself:

Magic happens when we wake up and finally allow ourselves to be ourselves.

Rose Thorn

“Your thorns are the best part of you”

Build your assertiveness

Assertiveness is the feeling of having influence over your actions and life. It is an attitude of respect towards others and ourselves, as well as consistency in what we feel, think and communicate. An assertive person is able to express his or her needs and expectations in a clear and specific way, and at the same time listen to others and respect their point of view.

How can we start?

We should start by testing our limits! At what moments do we feel uncomfortable? When do we feel that our behavior is inconsistent with our needs, feelings and expectations? When do we submit to the will of other people and think and want to behave differently? When, instead of expressing our feelings, do we become aggressive or passive?

Knowing the answer to the above questions, we can start working on changing this attitude.

The rose’s thorns protect its most precious treasure – the flower.
The Art of Assertiveness is your own spikes.

Goddess Tear & Goddess Mini Tear

“Every time you act contrary to yourself, your inner Goddess cries.”

Learn to live in harmony with yourself

Sometimes it happens to each of us that we act against ourselves. In such moments, we need to listen to ourselves and consider whether the anxiety we feel is not a signal that it is better to let go and feel relief. However, it is worth considering what acting against oneself actually means and how to distinguish it from simple fear of the unknown.
We usually associate acting against ourselves with a sense of duty. We do something even though we don’t feel like it, that it’s uncomfortable for us, that we don’t identify with it. Because it’s necessary.
But we must learn to distinguish the fear of the unknown from the real discomfort we feel when we have to act contrary to our beliefs.

Therefore, living in harmony with our own “I” does not only mean locking ourselves in our comfort zone and avoiding all situations in which we have no guarantee of success. It is the ability to try and make choices. Thanks to these trials, we know that we gave up something consciously, and not just because fear stopped us.

Remember that when your inner Goddess cries – then it is too late.

Goddess Shield

“Protect your energy”

Be aware of where your energy is going and whether where it is going is worth putting it there.

We are all made of energy. In Eastern traditions, this energy is referred to as prana or chi, and this essential “life force” energy flows through the channels and meridians of our body. When our energy flows freely, we are free from pain, disease and tension.

Energy balance is not a short-term goal. This is not something we will achieve in one day. It is a constant state of consciousness. Daily practice. A consistent approach.

We often treat energy as currency. We spend it on people and the world in exchange for love, approval or maintaining a good image, but it is not healthy for us.

Now it’s time to start setting boundaries, start protecting your resources, spending them wisely, putting yourself first.


“Find your Center”

Did you know that each finger of your hand is connected to a planet?

The thumb is connected to Mars.
The index finger is connected to Jupiter.
The middle finger is connected to Saturn.
The ring finger is connected to the Sun.
The little finger is connected to Mercury.

These planets are here to help you find your Center.

Finding the Center refers to our mental and physical state of mind. It’s a place we know we need to return to when we don’t feel like ourselves. When we are not centered, we can feel lost. However, when we focus on ourselves, we calm down our emotions. Finding the center is a way to find peace in the chaos that surrounds us.

Your center is the values that create you and which remain unchanged in your life.

“My ring is just a reminder – find your own Center.”


“A Snake will either shed its skin or die”

Don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer serves you.

The word transformation comes from the Latin transforma, meaning a change within form. It is a change within the most fundamental level of being, thinking, perceiving and worldview.

When change occurs at the core of our being and understanding, our thoughts or beliefs, and often our circumstances and how we approach them, change so much that they never return to their former place because we have transformed in a fundamental way. .

We are afraid of changes, we are afraid of letting go of what we cling to and what has long stopped serving us. But transformation is necessary for our development. Let’s learn this from snakes.

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