Our mission

Tilsam Brand Mission

Tilsam is a brand founded on love for nature. In doing so, we make a number of commitments that define our mission.

  • We do not use any ready-made projects, and all our projects are  handmade, with the greatest care, by a local tradesman.
  • We choose our gems intuitively – it is they that attract us and decide on the talisman that will be created from them. Their beauty, uniqueness is always the starting point of our jewelry creation.
  • In Raw Gems Collection we set our gems in the form in which they occur in nature and, we do not subject them to grinding – we  make sure that each gem retains its natural shape. We grind gems only if the beauty of the gem requires it and with the minimum interference in its nature. Such an approach determines both the uniqueness of our gems and environmental protection by not destroying natural resources and not producing waste. We believe that the jewelry industry has so far only used nature for its own purposes – sharply polishing gems into specific sizes and shapes to fit previously cast products – Tilsam completely distances itself from this. It is the gem that determines our setting. It is the creator of our Tilsam and we believe it should be treated with the utmost respect. Our planet’s resources are not infinite – so we should use the ones that still exist wisely.
  • Each piece of our jewelry is made by us with intention, love and magic, stemming from both respect for Mother Nature and the beneficial effects of gemstones on our lives, and each of our customers is a Goddess who deserves special treatment – so we create for her this magical jewelry that is not only to enjoy but also to change energy and life positively: attract happiness, help visualize dreams, remind of what is important, protect and enjoy.
  • Both Our gems and gold come from documented and ethical sources.
  • The gems are not altered, colored, or chemically treated in any way.
Original projects.

We do not use any ready made projects.

Only reliable origin

Both the bullion and the gemstones we use have the appropriate certificates of legality and originality

Social responsibility

We do not support deliverers potentially involving child & slave labor.

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