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Mitra Tilsam – Lotis


Raw scapolite necklace.

Gem type: Gold scapolite
Gem Size: 15 mm x 9 mm
Gem Weight: 8,70 car
Gold Karat: 5,06 g (14 k)
Chain: gold (14 k), 45 cm
Gem country of origin: Tanzania

*Because of the technique and conditions of taking pictures, the actual appearance of the product, including color, may differ from the one presented in the picture.

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Tilsam – an object with a magical action attributed to it, intended to bring its possessor good luck or protect from misfortune.

Tilsam in the form of a necklace, containing a raw gemstone – scapolite.
Each gem is unique and unrepeatable. The gems come in their raw form – no processing that would alter their natural shape.

Scapoliteis suitable for those who are learning, interested in novelties, want to know the surrounding world and its mysteries. It is the stone of successful people in both material and spiritual spheres. It develops intuition and foresight and is a good protector against negative influences coming from the environment.

You can learn more about the gem’s properties in the Lithotherapysection.

Tilsam is a registered industrial design, protected by the European Union law.

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