Goddess Shield Moonstone Ring (yellow)


Ring with Moonstone and Diamonds.
Gem type: Moonstone
Gem Size: 8 mm x 6 mm
Diamonds Weight: 0,09 ct
Number of diamonds: 5
Gold Weight: 3,78 g (14 k)
Gem country of origin: Sri Lanka

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Protect your energy. 

A warrior carries his shield for the sake of the entire line. 

A Goddess carries her shield for the sake of her entire life. 

Be conscious of where your energy goes and if it’s worth the energy it takes to put it there. Become aware of your energy. We are all made of energy. In eastern traditions this energy is referred to as prana or chi, and this essential “life force” energy runs through the channels and meridians of the body.

When our energy is flowing we are free from pain, disease and tension. Once we start to experience blocks or stagnation, our energy gets thwarted out of balance.

Balance isn’t a destination. It’s not something we achieve one day. It’s a constant state of awareness. A daily practice. Instead of crashing and burning out, take time to listen to your energy each day.

It’s easy to view spending your energy for the sake of people close to you as a currency for their love, approval, and good image of you, but this is unhealthy behavior. Now is the time to start setting boundaries and putting yourself first. 

Moonstone – gem of femine energy

Legend has it that being close to a person, the Moonstone is able to illuminate his path with its radiance and lead him out of the darkness, towards the light .

The stone’s energy, through the influence of the phases of the moon, is able to merge with the inner Goddess, or sensual feminine energy. Thanks to this connection, wearing this stone we become more desirable, feminine and sensual.

The Moonstone, in itself, has an extremely high vibration. Working with this crystal and its high frequency allows you to reach a higher state of consciousness, helping you discover the path of your destiny.


Asymetrical Diamonds symbolize stars.
The same bio-elements that make up chemical compounds are found in both stars and the human body – You are a child of Universe.

You can learn more about the gem’s properties in the Lithotherapy section.

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